Absolution - Patrick Flanery Wow, this might be the best book I'll read this year. The story of Clare Wald and Sam Leroux and the secrets, lies and truths that bind them and tear at them is riveting and beautifully written; Patrick Flanery may be a debut author but he writes like Margaret Atwood and tackles tough social, historical and personal issues. A biographer faces off against a seemingly unwilling writer; it's not so much a battle of wits as a slow unraveling. The perspective shifts between the two and the book that Clare is writing about her dead daughter Laura, a disappeared activist who was taking care of the child Sam just before she vanished. It's a staggering, wonderful and accomplished book. I hope his subsequent books live up to the promise of his astonishing debut. My full review is on my blog here: http://www.bostonbibliophile.com/2012/04/review-absolution-by-patrick-flanery.html