Tropic Moon (New York Review Books Classics)

Tropic Moon (New York Review Books Classics) - Georges Simenon Atmospheric and slow-paced, the story of Joseph Timar and his ill-fated voyage to Gabon is a moody and melancholy read. He comes to the colonies eager to make his fortune; right away he falls in with Adele, the manager of his hotel, a refuge for expats. An African boy is murdered, and Adele's husband dies suddenly, and then Adele and Timar depart for the jungle and a scheme of her devising. Simenon keeps his descriptions spare and flat but Timar's changeable, anxious mental state is the real focus of this brief and captivating novel. There wasn't much of a murder mystery, just the mystery of Timar's soul and how it reflects the brutal realities of colonialism. I didn't love it, but I'll read more Simenon anyway. Full review