Pirkei Avos with a Twist of Humor

Pirkei Avos with a Twist of Humor - Joe Bobker Not meant to be read cover-to-cover, Joe Bobker's compilation and commentary on the Pirkei Avos, part of the Mishna and a collection of sayings and aphorisms from Talmudic scholars, is an amusing little trifle. Each aphorism is followed by Bobker's commentary and then by a little joke; it's fun to dip in and out of this book, reading things here and there. I don't know quite what Bobker's qualifications are to engage in extended Talmudic commentary but it doesn't matter. This volume makes no pretenses to seriousness or erudition and is just a cute little volume with which to while away a little time. Good (and pious) times for all.